I’m Tamar.

I have been planning and organising events since I was 7 years old-

Professionally doing it for the last ten years,

And don’t think I would ever want to stop.


Each and every celebration feels to me

As if it was my own!

I care about it, get totally immersed in it

And- strive to achieve

nothing but the very best

For the success of the party.


My aim is to allow you, the family, to be-

“Guests at your own simcha”

While I take all the stress away

Throughout the time leading to your special occasion

But mostly-AT the party!


I love working with my clients

Bringing their vision and dream to life,

While walking them through the process.

Guiding, assisting, reassuring

and most importantly-

Freeing their mind .

When the big day arrives-

nothing brings me more joy than-

watching the family I worked with

celebrating with their nearest and dearest. 

Feeling relaxed,enjoying special times.

Allowing themselves to be “guests at their own simcha”

Just as I’ve promised they’d be!


While I take care of everything needing taken care of

Keeping any problem or worry well away from them

Making sure it is all dealt with.

Looking forward to allowing you too

To relax and have a great time at your party.


Here to help with any question you may have,